Syncing Achievement, The Visionaries Fueling Multi-Channel E-Commerce

Who we are

In Pakistan, we at ShipKardo set the bar for multi-channel e-commerce management software. We aim to reduce complexity and automate ecommerce business processes to transform the e-commerce industry completely. We enable businesses to succeed in the digital economy by focusing on integrated inventory, shipping, and accounting solutions. By guiding our clients through the challenges of online efficiently and easily, we are the driver behind smooth e-commerce experiences. Join us as we reinvent the future of e-commerce in Pakistan on this remarkable journey.

Our Mission

ShipKardo is on a mission to provide leading-edge e-commerce management solutions to Pakistan online business holders. Every aspect of online retail, from accounting to delivery, will be streamlined and automated. We are dedicated to providing our clients with development prospects, innovation, and efficiency so they may prosper in the competitive e-commerce environment. We are redefining success for companies across Pakistan with ShipKardo.

Happy Customers

For our e-commerce company, ShipKarDo has been a game-changer. Our operations have been optimized, and accounting, shipping, and inventories have all been smoothly connected thanks to its multi-channel management platform. It is a complete solution that has increased our efficiency and allowed us to establish ourselves in the Pakistani market.


The most notable quality of ShipKarDo is how simple it is to use. Their ecommerce connection has made it simple to sell on multiple websites, improving our online exposure and sales management. For companies looking for a competitive edge, it changes the dynamics of the competition. Moreover, their customer support is very helpful.