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ShipKarDo is Pakistan’s top Multi-channel e-commerce management software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact's customer support for help?

It’s simple to get help from’s customer service team. You can contact their devoted support staff by contacting their customer care hotline or visiting the contact page on their website.

Is there any free trail or plan available on ShipKardo?

A free plan is available on ShipKardo for single user with some limited features, you can create account, choose a free plan and add your company.

Can shipkardo generate sales and inventory reports?

Yes, ShipKardo allows users to produce detailed sales and inventory data. Customers can acquire precise insights into their company’s performance, watch sales patterns, monitor inventory levels, and make wise decisions to improve operations and spur growth.

What accounting tools does Shipkardo offer for expenses and payment management?

Shipkardo offers reliable accounting tools for effective spending and payment management. Clients may easily monitor and manage their company’s financial activities while assuring accuracy in recording expenses and payouts.

How does Shipkardo sync inventory across different sales channels?

Shipkardo integrates with several e-commerce platforms to effortlessly sync inventory across multiple sales channels. It uses real-time data synchronization to reflect inventory levels appropriately across every communication channel.

How secure is ShipKardo?
Shipkardo places a high priority on security and uses cutting-edge encryption technologies to keep data secure and private.