Hassle-free E-commerce Inventory Management Software

Your key to e-commerce success is our multi-channel ecommerce inventory management software. We guarantee that your products are always well-stocked by integrating seamlessly with well-known systems like Daraz, Shopify, and WooCommerce. Now you can Effortlessly manage your ecommerce inventory, from single items to bundles and service offerings.


  • Ensure accuracy and control by seamlessly syncing and managing sales channel inventory from Multiple sales platforms.
  • Inventory management across all of your sales channels.
  • Through a single, user-friendly panel, provide firms with a unified, proactive approach to inventory control.

ShipKardo, your one-stop solution for centralized Ecommerce Inventory Management

Our all-in-one inventory management system provides unmatched control, which enables accurate stock tracking across your sales channels and locations. You can confidently manage and Sync inventory with multi-channels, assuring accuracy and effectiveness in your business processes, regardless of the size and complexity of your operations.

Instantaneous Inventory Control

With real-time inventory tracking and management from ShipKardo, you have total visibility and control over your stock across all your ecommerce sales channels and warehouses.

Dynamic SKU Mapping

Our integrated auto-mapping function makes it easier to link SKUs across sales channels. To make consistency in stock levels.

Stress-free Catalog Management

Simplify your inventory management tasks by easily creating and managing a comprehensive product catalog that includes simple commodities, variations, and bundles/kits.

Generating Barcodes Quickly

Use Zebra label printers to easily create barcode series for your inventory goods, ensuring efficient inventory tracking and administration.

Remove Stock Inconsistencies

Avoid underselling and overselling by having real-time access to the amounts of incoming, departing, and sellable inventory at each location.

Making Decisions Based on Data

Easily get data-savvy inventory, sales, and fulfillment reports. Generate data-driven inventory insight reports.

Automated Solutions Beyond Inventory Management Software Can Improve Customer Satisfaction and Business Success.

  • ShipKardo provides a holistic solution that automates other operations in addition to inventory management software, assuring customer happiness and corporate success.
  • Streamline your operations by easily managing inventories and orders using over ten connectors.
  • Increase the effectiveness of your pick-and-pack procedure to match that of megastores.
  • For efficient order fulfillment, simplify bulk shipment and label printing.
  • Professionally manage retail sales with direct receipt printing and user-friendly point-of-sale software with splendid Accounts.
  • Print product barcodes easily with Zebra label printers to enhance inventory management.
  • Centralize the accounts, cash flows, and ledgers chart for exact financial insights with Splendid Accounts.
  • Effectively record customer complaints, distribute them to personnel, and raise client satisfaction.
  • Make data-driven judgments using reporting tools to stay ahead of the competition.