Connect Splendid Accounts with Shipkardo

Smartly manage your ecommerce finance operations

By partnering with ShipKardo, Splendid Accounts, the top cloud-based accounting software in Pakistan, has significantly improved the simplicity of business operations. This integration provides an all-encompassing system for inventory control, point of sale (POS) services and mainly Accounting management, all customized to meet the changing demands of the e-commerce sector.


With the help of smooth integration of Splendid Accounts into ShipKardo, Pakistan’s online businesses now have a powerful tools for streamlining their financial processes. This cloud-based accounting software enables business owners in e-commerce to find effective and user-friendly financial management solutions. It guarantees better decision-making by streamlining accounting chores and offering insights in real-time.

With ShipKardo and Splendid Accounts, you can streamline, improve, and elevate how you handle finances and establish a new benchmark for managing ecommerce businesses in Pakistan.

  • With only one click, create and send quotes and invoices, improving receivables management by integrating with accounting software seamlessly.
  • More than ninety percent of the accounting data are automatically posted in the background, simplifying the procedure for keeping records and eliminating the need for accounting expertise.
  • You can prevent stockouts with Splendid Accounts’ inventory management system, which monitors stock levels and sends timely alerts about what and when to replenish.
  • Numerous reports that provide insights into the general health of your business will help you stay informed about the operation of your ecommerce accounting.

How do splendid accounts help in ecommerce accounting management?

Splendid Accounts enables e-commerce businesses to keep precise accounting files, make smart decisions, and guarantee smooth financial operations by delivering real-time experiences and easy-to-use tools.

Splendid Accounts provides several useful features perfectly linked with ShipKardo for effective ecommerce accounting management.

Spending tracking

To guarantee efficient business operations, record, track, and associate different spending transactions with vendor profiles.

Journal Generals

Opening balances and adjustment or correction entries can be easily recorded by accountants and owners of businesses through journal entries.

Chart of Accounts

A pre-made chart of accounts makes it easier to set up a firm and enables you to create new accounts as needed.

Debit notes

Make debit notes to balance supplier payments for returns, vendor refunds, discounts, and injury claims.

Credit notes

Create credit notes to deduct money from customers for discounts, damage, or returned merchandise.

Bank Account Management

Handle all of your bank accounts efficiently to enable payments to vendors and fund receipts from customers.

Funds Transfer

Streamline your financial operations by easily transferring money between any two accounts with Splendid Accounts’ fund transfer tool.