Centralized Order Management System: One Platform, Infinite Efficiency

Use ShipKardo’s top-notch multi-channel order management system to manage your eCommerce orders easily. Our all-inclusive solution makes the procedure simple, whether taking orders straight from your website or selling on several online marketplaces. With ShipKardo, the best option for managing eCommerce orders, you can consolidate all your orders, streamline your business, and guarantee efficiency.

●    Organize your order management for Daraz Shopify and WooCommerce in a single location.
●    Continually sync inventory between all of your online stores and marketplaces.
●    Integrated Cloud-base (POS) point of sale system with Splendid Accounts.
●    Orders can be safely placed with reputable Pakistani shipping companies, ensuring timely and dependable delivery.
●    Access inventory updates and product availability in real-time to improve your ecommerce order management experience.

Strengthen your company using ShipKardo’s state-of-the-art order management solution

The importance of an effective multi-channel order management system increases as your order volume increases. The Order Management System from ShipKardo is your remedy for WooCommerce, Shopify, and Daraz. Automate and simplify your multi-channel order process so you can focus on higher-value business responsibilities while we take care of the returns.

●    The extensive order management capabilities of ShipKardo increase productivity, improving operational excellence and customer happiness for your business.
●    With ShipKardo’s innovative technology, you can easily streamline your order procedures while increasing productivity and minimizing errors.
●    Utilize ShipKardo’s cutting-edge multi-channel order management system for business development and scalability.
●    With ShipKardo, you can easily track, process, and complete orders all in one location.
●    With ShipKardo’s advanced order management system, you can improve business performance and maintain your competitive edge.

Boosting Your Order Management Success with ShipKardo’s Features

ShipKardo equips you to deliver a seamless and effective shopping experience, ultimately creating happy and devoted customers by centralizing and optimizing these crucial elements of your organization.

●    For a variety of sales platforms, including Daraz, Shopify, and WooCommerce, order management is provided.
●    Order handling across many channels for efficient sales across platforms.
●    Across numerous locations and sales channels, seamless inventory control.
●    For effective shipment, integration with Pakistan’s courier services.
●    Centralized accounting with splendid accounts for managing both in-store and online sales.
●    Sophisticated inventory tracking and reporting tools, as well as integrated returns management.
●    Administration of wholesale orders is made easier and includes automatic inventory changes.
●    Detailed reporting for decision-making based on data.
●    Increased efficiency of fulfillment thanks to centralization of all tools.
●    Through integrated software, convenient bulk label printing, and order fulfillment.
●    A one-stop shop for improving customer happiness and store operations.
●    Powerful reports are available for data-driven decision-making and improved corporate visibility.